Wholey Cheese!™ product innovation and branding
we know, it's cheesy Snyder’s of Hanover® is synonymous with salty snacks, so it was exciting news when they wanted to expand their brand into the cracker aisle with these "fun-to-eat" and "light & crispy" puffed crackers. Through the development of this package, 3TC brought energy and excitement to 
a somewhat serious food category.
wholey cheese! No other words seemed suitable to describe the unique taste sensation 
of real gourmet cheese baked into 
a light and airy cracker. The phrase "wholey cheese!" captured the cheeky and flavorful personality of the brand, and it was important that we leverage that in the logo. The literal speech bubble became the containment shape for the product name, while the use 
of a bold, yet natural orange, spoke 
to the cheesy-ness and natural-ness 
of the crackers. Locking it all up with the Snyder’s of Hanover logo reinforced the wholesome, high-quality attributes.
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you better
believe it Since this product line was to be shelved in a new aisle, away from where Snyder’s of Hanover was expected to be found, 
it was very important that the packaging leverage the same consistent high quality and positive health perceptions of pretzels. Additional marketing materials were created to highlight this new product’s better-for-you attributes.