VICTORY® BREWING CO. packaging redesign and line extension
Fun to Craft!
Fun to Drink! Victory® Brewing Company is FUN! Its founders have been crafting “FUN beer twists” for 20+ years, each of their beers has a FUN story to tell and beer drinkers love the FUN times enjoyed with Victory. The new branding and package design needed to reflect this FUN personality. By using a brighter, more cohesive color palette and emphasizing the engaging icons and illustrations, we were able to tell the FUN story of each beer while maintaining a clear Victory halo across all SKU’s.
Here’s to Victory! Victory offers a vast line of unique craft beers. Previously each acted as an independent SKU, with their own unique personalities and with minimal reference to the parent brand. Therefore consumers knew the individual beers, yet were not familiar with Victory. The challenge was to unify the line under the Victory name while still promoting the individuality of each beer. That storytelling continues around each package.
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BEING SPECIAL! Whether toasting the season or launching a special flavor experience, the Victory brand holds strong in its adaptation. Seasonal and specialty beers maintain much of the design architecture as seen on the core line, yet push the system by including a bit more visual storytelling.