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ice cream packaging redesign and segmentation
a Smooth new look
for a classic treat Velvet® Ice Cream has been a classic 
for over 100 years. So when it came 
to updating their brand and packaging graphics, it was an exciting challenge 
to modernize their look while still communicating their classic heritage!
With the goal of improving shoppability and generating appeal of a younger demographic, it was important to focus 
on establishing an effective communication hierarchy and simplifying segmentation 
at the point of purchase.
sweet, sweet
success The client’s wish was to simplify 
the overall packaging graphics and increase the appetite appeal and flavor communication while still giving a nod to Velvet’s history and heritage. Introducing the illustration of the authentic old factory mill, along with some "classic" elements and timeless fonts allowed us 
to visually speak to the heritage. 
The flavors, while still represented through illustration, were simplified and created to be more realistic in order to amp up the appetite appeal. Using colorful lids and a bold colored arch aided in the segmentation at shelf and allowed ease of selection 
for the consumer.