Snyder's of hanover® packaging redesign and line extension
bringing new life
to an old favorite With continuous innovation and the introduction of new and exciting platforms, Snyder's of Hanover® was in need of a redesign – one that would not only refresh the core line – but help to differentiate 
all the delicious new pretzel offerings. 
A brand masthead was created to leverage the strength of Snyder's of Hanover's heritage and unify all the products so that the core line, and each sub-brand, could have its own unique personality. The end result was a brighter, more contemporary and cohesive look.
a Pretzel for
every season It was important to peak interest and create visual differentiation for those limited time offerings and new line extensions that were being introduced throughout the year, as well as any new line extensions. 3TC developed design solutions that not only ensured the new offerings still clearly fit into the Snyder's of Hanover family of products, but also stood out as something unique, new 
and different.
Other Artwork
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a fresh take
on big crunch The packaging redesign and large product offering not only created strong portfolio 
of products, but also provided us the opportunity to create some fun, exciting and unique in-store displays. Each gives Snyder's of Hanover a strong presence 
at the point-of-purchase and increase awareness of limited time offerings.