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 Majestic® athletics packaging design
sporting excellence For years, Majestic® has been there for every no-hitter, grand slam or walk-off home run as the official on-field brand of Major League Baseball. That partnership created a brand that is known for its authenticity, quality and performance in apparel for professional athletes. Majestic was looking to expand its brand by targeting the everyday athletes, not just the professional ones. The goal was to create a cohesive look for Majestic’s products while visually communicating its long partnership and history with MLB.
Simple yet strong The black-and-white baseball imagery emphasizes the tradition of MLB and the history of Majestic’s partnership, while creating a strong visual presence. By displaying the logo against a predominantly black background, the brand becomes the "hero." To help reinforce the authenticity of the brand, the logo appears on an apparel label, like it has been ripped off a MLB uniform. This combination, along with a simple and clear design architecture, ensures that the Majestic brand and its products are easily identifiable.