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Gluten Free product innovation and segmentation
innovation with
goodness baked in Gluten Free Sandwich Crackers….a new product for the natural aisle featuring 
the incredible flavor expected from the Lance® brand, however touting a better-for-you stance. Since Lance was already a leader in the Sandwich Cracker category, it was important that the design for this package leverage current equities of the brand, while standing on it’s own as something new and excitingly different.
this is how we gluten 
free sandwich For this new Gluten Free crackers line, 
we utilized a warmer, more natural color palette along with natural textures 
to help emphasize the goodness of 
the product. From a communication standpoint, it was extremely important that consumers instantly recognized the benefit, so we "screamed" Gluten Free. Partnering this simple communication with bold, friendly and approachable fonts, along with delicious looking photography, resulted in a clean, well-organized package.