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Lance® Cracker sandwiches packaging redesign and segmentation
classically closed Lance® Sandwich Crackers had typically been packaged in a cellophane carton. However, they were now looking to switch to a revolutionary "closed" carton, with just a small window to showcase the crackers, not only elevated the packaging on shelf but also helped reinforce Lance as a premium brand. For the redesign 
to be successful and maintain their 
loyal consumers, an image of the actual "sleeve" was also featured and provided another reference to the previous packaging. Since this was a major change for Lance and the category, the SKU equity color was maintained – and maximized – to eliminate consumer confusion. The overall simplicity and clear communication provides strong differentiation at shelf.
Toasty & Tasty After the success of their revolutionary carton launch, the Lance brand wanted to expand their current product offering 
through a number of different strategies. 
One successful strategy was leveraging 
a partnership and co-branding with Welch’s®. As a result, Lance was able 
to take America’s #1 selling Sandwich Cracker (Toasty) and combine it with 
an American staple (jelly) in order to offer their customers a highly desirable and recognizable flavor combination. Another successful expansion was with innovation through the BOLDS™ line extension, which paired exciting and flavorful fillings inside Lance’s iconic sandwich crackers.