Krispy Kreme® DOUGHNUTS packaging redesign and line extension
Making Delicious happen since 1937 Since 1937, Krispy Kreme®, along with its iconic bowtie logo and green dots, has been synonymous with deliciously fresh doughnuts. When the brand team looked to 3TC for help with refreshing their line of “Delivered Fresh Daily” items, our goal was to increase brand awareness and improve appetite appeal while ensuring consumers still recognized their doughnuts. By maximizing their presence, highlighting iconic brand equities and maintaining a similar architecture across all product forms and packaging structures, the result was a strong and highly recognizable brand block at shelf.
Enjoy the Freshness anytime, anywhere Since store locations are limited and “Delivered Fresh Daily” products have a short life-span, Krispy Kreme decided to offer the same high-quality doughnuts individually packed in the sweet snack aisle of any local grocery store. While leveraging key equity elements to ensure cohesiveness, we considered the role of sub-brand communication (mini crullers and bites), appetite appeal and benefits. The final packages are quintessential Krispy Kreme providing a quick snapshot of all key information needed when shopping for your favorite sweet on-the-go snack.
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The Sweetness
of the seasons Krispy Kreme is known for its uniquely delicious seasonal flavors that make your mouth water. Bright colors and prominent flavor imagery allow for easy differentiation while bringing these new limited time offerings to life.