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hard seltzer product innovation and segmentation
a spark of flavor Hi-Current™ Craft Hard Seltzers offer the consumer 100-calorie, zero sugar, low carbs and use only high-quality, natural ingredients to deliver a refreshing experience. When 3TC was approached for design, all we were given was a name idea, so how could we bring this brand to life? The result was capturing the essence and energy of an ocean current within the brand through a swirling, effervescent water graphic that leveraged the individual flavor colors. The final design is bright, energetic, bubbly and refreshing…just like the product itself. 
go with the current When looking at can packaging, placing the energetic logo vertically allowed for branding to be as large as possible and was complemented by a colorful, graphic to reinforce the flavor on each variety. The use of a large color band at the bottom houses the flavor name for easy identification. The carton and multi-pack design capture the energy and excitement of the brand in an eye-catching way. Engaging branding, product representation and colorful flavor callouts are featured on all panels ensuring recognition no matter how the packaging is shelved.