acana® dog food packaging redesign and segmentation
Thoughtfully Crafted From Start to Finish Understanding Acana’s passion for sourcing only the finest ingredients from the best regions and partnering with farmers and fishermen who appreciate the true love of a pet, we set out to create a package that captured the wholesomeness of this relationship, as well as, the goodness of nature. We did this by marrying the Acana word mark with a natural palette, colorful landscape and man’s best friend, all anchored with the rich, dark brown of the earth, giving us the perfect place to highlight the nutritional value of the food.
Beyond the
First Ingredient Each and every recipe is balanced to include premium animal proteins, and fresh fruits, vegetables and biotins that are delivered to Acana's kitchen daily. While we were highlighting the nutritional value of the food on the front panel, it was also important that we tell a bigger story on the back side and educate consumers to look “beyond the first ingredient” to understand quality, sourcing, purpose, as well as, how and where the food is made.
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Recipe for Success While the current product line included Grain-Free and regional offerings, Acana planned on extending that line to include Wholesome Grains recipes as well as products tailored specifically to the needs of rescue dogs. Design systems were established to maintain key equity elements across the entire portfolio ensuring, clear branding while allowing each segment to have an identifiable, ownable personality.